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Student ID card HK$100 icon

Student ID card HK$100

Open Day/Trial Lesson HK$100 icon

Open Day/Trial Lesson HK$100

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Placement Test HK$100

Questionnaire Completion HK$100 icon

Questionnaire Completion HK$100

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Early Bird HK$100

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Companion / Referral HK$200-350

Summer Spanish for Adults 17+ years Old

We are the only EDB Registered Spanish School in Hong Kong with Cervantes Institute Quality Seal.

About this program

Curriculum based head start in Spanish. Whether you are planning to travel to Latin America or Spain or you want to pick a new language, you will get the right start with us.

Class Status Update and Highlights:

We also offer different types of Spanish for Adults Regular Courses (Once a week for 3 months per module), please click from below links for any one you are interested:

Regular courses are available(once/ week). Click Here to Learn More

Daytime Intensive Course (2 lessons per week)

Spanish twice a week means twice as fast and twice as fun. This is our most popular course and students really feel the progress. Great foundation to join a regular course after summer. Keep Spanish for LIFE.

Achievement of this course:

Build a solid Spanish Foundation in a short time

1-month Summer Intensive Course = 2-month Regular Course

2-month Summer Intensive Course = 4-month Regular Course

Number of lessons:


Total hours of tuition:


Pre-Summer Spanish for Adults - Daytime Intensive Course
Summer Spanish for Adults - Daytime Intensive Course

Daytime SUPER Intensive Course (3 lessons per week)

Not everybody can spare 3 days a week but, those who can will see the difference. True commitment!

Number of lessons:


Total hours of tuition:


Summer Spanish for Adults - Daytime SUPER Intensive Course